Let’s find out how anxiety medications and acupuncture stack up when it comes to safe and holistic mental wellness.

Anyone who’s felt the uncontrollable fear and exhaustion of anxiety knows that when you need relief, you need it fast! Anxiety medications can step in to calm the mind and prevent even worse symptoms quickly.

Still, many people want to avoid taking drugs whenever possible, and anxiety medications have several unwanted side effects. Plus, they are not a cure for anxiety and won’t help you treat the underlying cause of anxiety.

Thankfully, medications aren’t the only solution to the overwhelming problem of anxiety. Natural therapies like acupuncture, herbal medicine, mindfulness, exercise, diet, and psychotherapy offer other avenues for recovering from anxiety.
Let’s find out how anxiety medications and acupuncture stack up when it comes to safe and holistic mental wellness.

Anxiety Medications: Should We Use Them?

Everyone experiences anxiety differently, which means there are endless different ways to find relief. Anxiety medications are often a go-to defense for conventional medical doctors and psychiatrists. But are medications right for you?

While they may act fast, anxiety medications aren’t always the best choice for everyone. Like many medications, anxiety meds often come with a host of side effects like nausea, drowsiness, headaches, brain fog, low libido, and more. In some studies, researchers even found that anxiety medications like SSRIs don’t perform much better than placebos – which shows us just how powerful our minds can be when it comes to calming down and regulating our thoughts!

Those who use anxiety meds alone also show a higher relapse rate than those who take a holistic approach to their treatment.

Getting off of anxiety medications can be difficult, too. It’s a delicate process that takes time and patience. Rebounds are more common, and many people lack the holistic support they need to stay on top of their anxiety once they come off their medications.

That said, anxiety medications are sometimes necessary and lifesaving. There is no shame in using medications to overcome your anxiety. But, if you are hoping to avoid using medications or safely reduce your medications or taper off them under your doctor’s supervision, acupuncture could help.

How Can Acupuncture Help You Manage Anxiety?

With dozens of studies and countless personal success stories, there’s no question about it: acupuncture can help reduce anxiety.

For some, acupuncture works well as a stand-alone treatment to improve the symptoms of anxiety. For others, acupuncture offers calming support to other treatment methods like medications, mindfulness-based therapy, psychotherapy, and more.

Here are the top three reasons why acupuncture is a powerful resource for those with anxiety:

Acupuncture naturally makes you feel calm. 

If you’ve ever had acupuncture, you’ve probably felt very relaxed and calm after your treatment. That’s because acupuncture naturally releases feel-good endorphins that soothe your mind and body. Acupuncture also balances your hormones and keeps cortisol levels under control. In the moment, you’ll feel tangible relief and a sense of calm. Over time, you’ll experience more balanced moods and fewer anxious episodes.

Acupuncture has no harmful side effects.

Unlike pharmaceuticals, acupuncture has little to no side effects. It works by simply stimulating your body to regulate itself, with no added medicine or invasive procedures. The most common “side effects” of an acupuncture treatment are feeling less reactive and noticing improvements in digestion and sleep patterns.

Acupuncture is backed by science.

There is a growing body of evidence that acupuncture is one of the most effective natural ways to manage anxiety. Studies show that those who receive regular acupuncture report fewer anxiety attacks, less stress, and a better overall quality of life. Studies show that acupuncture can help a wide variety of people with anxiety, too. From pregnant and postpartum women to athletes to children, acupuncture offers an effective, research-backed way to overcome anxiety.

Bottom Line: Can Acupuncture Replace Your Anxiety Meds?

Now that we’ve seen the power of acupuncture and how it could help you manage anxiety, one question remains: is it enough to replace your meds?

The short answer is, it could be.

For many people, a dedicated acupuncture plan is enough to keep anxiety symptoms under control. If you are not taking anxiety medication yet, you might consider trying acupuncture first to see if you can manage it naturally.

Others may still need to use medications or other therapies in conjunction with acupuncture to get the best results. If you are currently on anxiety medication, do not stop taking them or change your dose until speaking with your doctor first. 

Whether you use acupuncture alone or as a supporting act in your wellness plan, acupuncture is a helpful tool in your toolbox against anxiety.

When to Consider Acupuncture for Your Anxiety:

  • When you want to take an all-natural approach in managing your anxiety.
  • When you are not ready to take the plunge with medications, but lifestyle habits aren’t making a difference.
  • When you want to get to the root of your anxiety and treat the underlying causes.
  • When you have other symptoms like sleeplessness, digestive upset, pain, or fertility issues.
  • When you want to integrate a mind-body approach into your current medication or therapy plan.
  • When other methods aren’t working and you need more support.
  • When you want to prevent anxiety and nurture your mental health naturally.
  • When you just need to shake off extra stress.

Overcome Anxiety Naturally at Calm San Diego

Having anxiety doesn’t mean you’re destined to either live with panic or be on medication for the rest of your life. Acupuncture and other holistic therapies and habits can help you manage your anxiety naturally and effectively.

If you want to avoid using anxiety medications or want to taper off your current medications, Calm can help you find a safe and healthy plan that will work for you.
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