A 10-week program for stress & anxiety relief

The Calm Program

An attainable, effective mental health program, combining science-based holistic medicine with guided at-home self-care.

Has exhaustion and anxiety become your norm?

Modern life can disrupt your sense of peace, leaving you feeling over-stressed and over-committed. From our schedules to our environments, we put high demands on our busy bodies and minds.

Raise your hand if you...

Hear this: you are NOT alone.

Stress and anxiety are among the most undermanaged and overlooked mental and physical health issues we face today. It affects over 40 million Americans, with only 39% receiving help, treatment, or care.

You deserve the tools and resources to help shift your health, improve your resilience to stress, and boost your overall happiness.
We’re here to help.

Battling stress and anxiety is tough.
We're here to help

The Calm Program

Go from burned out
to blissed out.

(in a just matter of 10 weeks)
Modern life may disrupt your natural sense of peace, but the power to find balance is always within you. The secret lies in understanding and restoring your body’s natural balance. During this 10 week program, you’ll learn how to support your mental and physical health with proper nutrients, healthy habits, and lifestyle strategies to help you ease stress, fight fatigue, and reduce anxiety.

What makes this program different:


Holistic & Personalized

We use acupuncture, herbal medicine and supplements to calm your nervous system and set the stage for healing.


Science-Based Program

Our program is based on acupuncture trials and our clinical experience – combined with an integrative approach to health.


Built for Everyday Life

We guide your body back to its natural state of health through in-office care and at-home healthy habits – so they’ll last.

Here's what's included in the program:

Program Overview

Here's what’s waiting for you inside of the Calm Program once you join:

herbal medicine


Diagnosis + Acupuncture + Supplements + Lifestyle Support + Home-Care

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